More excited than ever about my mission

I have just come back from an epic week in Val di Sole at the DH World Championships. It was tiring, but the thrill of being there, of being able to go around the paddocks, seeing so many friendly faces, taking on the roots at Val di Sole that I missed so badly, being at the starting gate in my 4x4… all this brought back so many unforgettable memories.
It was more than incredible!

Spending that week with all of you gave me the drive and the motivation to carry on ‘being there’ and to keep going with my new projects and my new MISSION. THANK YOU!

Loads of you asked me which new projects I was working on, so, in reply, I wanted to explain to you a bit better what I want to do.


I’m going to try to launch as many projects as I can to collect donations for other young people who have been involved in sports accidents like me and, in particular, for associations that are working on spinal injury research.

The first step, marking the start of my mission, is a web series (more information in the PROJECTS section), a serial video-documentary that will look at my personal experience, the challenges I face on a daily basis and my unstoppable drive to exceed all limits, because ‘limits are there to be pushed’.

I will also get other big names involved, including sportspeople, and together we’ll show you how you can still feel that adrenaline rush and ‘be there’, even if the circumstances are slightly different.

I am also working on a WHEELCHAIR ON CATAPILLAR TRACKS; I’ll be the first quadriplegic to use it and we’ll definitely get that moment on film.

Through these videos, I hope to be able to show you that limits only exist in our heads and, even if this only inspires a few of those people watching, I’ll be able to call it a success.

I’ll try to gain more exposure in order to collect funds that will be donated to other non-profit organisations working on spinal injury research.

I would also like to organise events, donating the proceeds to charity, getting actively involved and giving real help to as many people as possible.

This is my new mission.

I have never liked staying put and I’m definitely not going to start now. The pursuit of our perfect speed never stops; it just keeps going, always at top speed. FREEDOM! Enjoy the video; it’s just a preview.

As soon as I’m ready, we’ll release the official teaser. #staytuned