I have always been the sort of person who likes to focus on the future, and now that I have gone back to ‘chasing my perfect speed’ I want to keep doing just that.

Marina Romoli, founder of the non-profit organization Marina Romoli Onlus gave me the right inspiration to start. She supports the research to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injury.

I’m going to do my best to launch as many new projects as I can in order to donate the proceeds to other young people who have been involved in sports accidents like me and, in particular, to associations that are working on spinal injury research.

You can find more information on my initial ideas in the PROJECTS section. 

For example, I’m about to start up a video-documentary that looks at my personal experience, the challenges I face on a daily basis and my unstoppable drive to exceed all limits, because ‘limits are there to be pushed’. It's title is The Perfect Speed and we are launching also a crowdfunding campain.

This first stage will mark the start of my mission.

I’m going to try to gain more exposure, which I hope to use to collect as many donations as possible.

I would also like to organise events, donating the proceeds to charity, getting actively involved and giving real help and tangible support to those who need it.

These are my own personal objectives and I am determined to achieve them. This is my new mission, because the ‘pursuit of the perfect speed’ never stops and I have never been the type of guy to slow down either; no, I always prefer to go at full speed!